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Roger Yepsen
Book cover for Berries by Roger Yepsen
Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more—captured in watercolor and accompanied by descriptions and recipes

Berries are edible jewels, distillations of sunlight, soil, and floral perfumes. Some offer ambrosial sweetness; others are as assertive as herbs and spices. Roger Yepsen knows his berries, and in this collection he presents these delightful fruits to the reader, including neglected varieties that have nearly disappeared from the American diet and garden. In this book he offers advice on finding and identifying berries, growing your own, and preserving them for year-round enjoyment. Berries includes nearly 100 recipes, such as:

  • Blueberry Buckle
  • Black Currant Crepes
  • Raspberry Soup
  • Elderberry Wine

Reading this book is like discovering a wild raspberry in the woods—a sweet surprise and oh, so satisfying.

July 2017
5.4 x 6.3 | 224pp | Hardcover |
Over 60 watercolor illustrations
$18.95 (US)
$24.95 (CA)
About the Author
Roger Yepsen is a writer, editor, and illustrator who lives with his wife on a Pennsylvania German farm, near the town of Barto. His books include Apples, Berries, and several books for children.