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Sea Glass

6 Pack
Cindy Bilbao
Book cover for Sea Glass by Cindy Bilbao
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Most of us have fond memories of collecting sea glass at the beach. Thejoy of discovery is timeless. The smooth, patinated surfaces of thesejewels are a testament to the power of the sea. Man-made objects such asbottles are broken, rolled, and tumbled by the waves, transformed intonew, almost natural treasures. Photographer Cindy Bilbao captures thenatural beauty of this found art in a collectible volume essential forany sea glass lover.
September 2017
9.1 x 12.7 | 152pp | Hardcover |
100+ color photographs
$101.00 (US)
$132.00 (CA)
About the Author
Cindy Bilbao has been a photographer of the natural world from a young age. The author of Seashells, Sea Glass, Sea Glass Seeker, she lives in Pennsylvania.