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Fidget Busters

50 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While You Get Things Done
Donna Bozzo
Book cover for Fidget Busters by Donna Bozzo
Occupy and focus fidgety hands with easy DIY sensory play

Fidget spinners, slime, and other sensory toys have spiked in popularity for their ability to calm anxieties and improve concentration. In an age where children have ample amounts of screen time, gooey, stretchy, and bumpy projects are a fun, educational way to engage their senses.

From fake snow and edible finger paint, to sensory balloons and rainbow foam, these anti-fidget DIYs will keep kids entertained and learning by working with their hands. Parenting expert Donna Bozzo also includes suggestions for buying and using ready-made fidget busters and toys. Keep kids busy with:

  • Unicorn Kinetic Sand
  • Crunchy Slime
  • Lava Lamps
  • Stress balls and more!
September 2018
5 x 7 | 96pp | Paperback |
50 color photographs
$9.95 (US)
$13.50 (CA)
About the Author
Donna Bozzo has appeared on numerous national and local television programs including The Today Show and her writing has been featured in Family Circle, the Chicago Tribune, Working Mother, and others.