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Cook Like a Local in France

Lynne Martin, Deborah Scarborough
Book cover for Cook Like a Local in France by Lynne Martin
The essential dining companion for your Frenchvacation rental (and back home)

A trip to the grocery store while vacationing in a foreign country can be a frustrating ordeal. How to choose the best seafood (what is the deal with the tiny packages of fish?), proper farmers’ market etiquette (is it okay to touch the veggies?), and choosing the right checkout line (there are different kinds?) can all lead to moments of confusion, and asking for help is not so easy with a language barrier.

When author Lynne Martin tried living as locals do in France, she found making her own meals nearly impossible. Unfamiliar with cuts of meat and unable to decipher labels or cooking instructions, she was surrounded by delicious produce but lost when it came to utilizing it in French cooking. Chef Deborah Scarborough came to her rescue, and now, in Eat Like a Local in France , both share their tips for other travelers looking to rock their vacation cooking or explore French cuisine at home. In addition to 50 recipes, there are guides to wine and cheese, tips for stocking a rental home, and information about French kitchen basics.

June 2019
6.1 x 9 | 280pp | Paperback |
50 color photographs
$21.95 (US)
$28.95 (CA)
About the Author
Lynne Martin is the co-author of Home Sweet Anywhere, which has been translated into eight languages. She and her husband Tim have traveled the world for five years, living in vacation rentals.
Deborah Scarborough studied at the Culinary Institute of America and was the chef-owner of a celebrated restaurant on California’s Central Coast.