The Zen of Slime

A DIY Inspiration Notebook
Alena Woods, Prim Pattanaporn, Charlene Ayala
Book cover for The Zen of Slime by Alena Woods
Part craft, part meditation, and part science, the art of slime--making it and playing with it--is celebrated in this unique gift book

Making slime is magical. Combine a few ingredients, mix by hand, and suddenly a smooth (or fluffy, depending on the recipe) semi-solid, incredibly pliable but not-sticky goo appears. It begs to be touched. Poke, knead, pull on the taffy-like substance to achieve a calm state of mind. That's the meditative part of slime; it taps into the pleasure centers of the brain. Slime is also a visual feast: add food coloring, metallic paints, beads, glitter, even tiny toys to it. The result can look like ice cream or butter (don't eat it!); unicorn rainbow or galaxy goo; clouds, a fishbowl, Nutella--anything is possible.

The Zen of Slime is a visual immersion into the sublime that is slime. Divided into themed chapters--air, water, fire, and earth--the book features the instagram artists who make and sell slime. They share their favorite photographs, recipes, and tips. There's an endless variety of add-ins and different combinations of ingredients. Keeping track of this is as much fun as making slime, so notebook pages are included for jotting down potions. This is the next level of slime; sophisticated and artistic, for visionaries who recognize the special nature of this incredible stuff. (Or just enjoy looking at pictures of it!)

September 2017
5 x 7 | 112pp | Paperback |
Color throughout
$9.95 (US)
$13.50 (CA)
About the Author
Alena Woods is a crafter and author, who lives outside New York City.
Prim Pattanaporn shares her popular videos of slime on Instagram @sparklygoo.
Together with her daughters, Charlene Ayala sells slime via the Etsy shop FaLABco. You can also see their creations on Instagram @falab.co. She lives in Las Vegas, NV.