Cocktails Across America

A Postcard View of Mid-Century Cocktail Culture
Diane Lapis, Anne Peck-Davis
Book cover for Cocktails Across America by Diane Lapis
50 mid-century cocktail recipes, illustratedwith vintage postcards

Cocktail culture boomed in the United States after Prohibition, starting with the jazz- filled taverns and bars in New York City and, as rail and automotive travel advanced, flowing all the way to the postwar-era resorts and beach clubs of California and beyond. New-fangled concoctions like the Red Snapper, the Sidecar, and the Aviation were being developed by barkeepers and mixologists across the country, and a newly liberated, economically thriving America couldn’t get enough.

The unique cocktail lounges, hotel bars, and other, more exotic, drinking venues (ice rinks, carousels, and indoor menageries, just to name a few) defined this era of drinking culture and were immortalized in the linen postcards used to advertise them. With over 50 vintage cocktail recipes (plus several modern twists), fascinating historical vignettes, and more than 100 pieces of vintage ephemera, transport yourself to an era of unbridled indulgence and distinct glamour.

May 2018
7 x 9 | 240pp | Hardcover |
100 color illustrations and photorgaphs
$24.95 (US)
$33.95 (CA)
About the Author
Diane Lapis is a researcher and author of numerous articles and presentations about local and postcard history.  Her most recent publications were an article about a vanished utopian camp in NY and co-authorship of the book Celebrating our Centennial- Beacon NY at 100. She has amassed over 5,000 postcards spanning 30 years of blissful collecting.  In addition, Diane is an active member of the local historical society.
Anne Peck-Davis is an avid collector of linen postcards, vintage cocktail books, and mid- twentieth century artifacts. She enjoys researching information regarding early to mid-twentieth century subject matter that has taken her on a journey through hotels, library collections, and culinary archives. Peck-Davis is a member of the Taconic Postcard Club of the Hudson River Valley, the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City, and the Art Deco Society of New York City.