Dogs on the Beach

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Lara Jo Regan
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Sand. Sun. Woof. Gorgeous photographs of dogs at the height of joy, on the beach, from photographer Lara Jo Regan ( Dogs in Cars ).

Do dogs dream of sun and sand? Of unfettered runs down a beach, leaping over the waves and into the water, again and again? To plop down for a rest before starting up again, perhaps to play with one of the other lucky dogs that have been set free to enjoy the salty air? Certainly dog lovers enjoy watching the energy and pure pleasure their pups experience when they find a dog-friendly beach. Lara Jo Regan, who has an astounding ability to capture dogs at the height of play in her photographs, weaves her spell once again with these images of dogs at the sea.

If "the irresistible doggies digging the feel of the open road will leave you drooling with delight," as USA Today said about Dogs in Cars , then this second collection will leaving you just as happy, if not more so. The beach is a universal symbol of pleasure, and to share it with a four-legged friend is the epitome of joy. Here are dogs racing each other, dogs crouching in wait for a ball to be tossed, dogs sniffing at one another. It's a collection for every dog-lover.

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100 color photographs
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About the Author
Lara Jo Regan is a photographic artist and filmmaker, best known for her award-winning work for the world's leading magazines and her groundbreaking, imaginative animal photography, which has achieved world-wide popularity and acclaim through books and collected artwork. The author of Dogs in Cars, she lives in Los Angeles, California.