Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces
Jan Johnsen
Book cover for Gardentopia by Jan Johnsen
Expert tips and beautiful photography from aveteran landscaper

Whether it’s ten square feet or ten acres, a backyard is something everyone wants to use to their best advantage. No matter the size or shape, an outdoor green space can be transformed from a neglected or untamed patch of dirt and weeds into someplace magical. These tips are illustrated, specific, and bite-sized. Even the smallest changes turn a simple backyard into a photogenic sanctuary. For instance, plant flowers or lay down a walking path along a curve rather than a straight line, and trim hedges in a cascade to work with the natural slope of the lawn.

Landscape and garden design expert Jan Johnsen provides more than 100 unique and eye-opening techniques for transforming one’s humble garden into something far more elevated and impressive. Aiming to demystify and educate, Gardentopia is at once inspirational and instructive thanks to the author’s 40 years of outdoor design experience and hard- earned knowledge. With gorgeous photos throughout, see the potential of your garden through the lens of an expert.

April 2019
8 x 10 | 240pp | Hardcover |
100 color photographs
$29.95 (US)
$33.95 (CA)
About the Author
Jan Johnsen has been in landscape and horticulture for more than 40 years. Her New York–based design-build firm, Johnsen Landscapes and Pools, counts many well-known people among its clientele. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including This Old House and Horticulture, and she is a contributing editor to Garden Design. Johnsen regularly gives talks and demos through shows, podcasts, and webinars.