Explorer's Guide Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Sherry L. Moore, Jeff Welsch
Book cover for Explorer's Guide Yellowstone & Grand Teton by Sherry L. Moore
Plan an explosive vacation at two iconic NationalParks

Wondrous scenery, incomparable wildlife viewing, riveting geology, and the chance to observe a natural environment hard at work all await travelers at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. And if readers are looking for a thrill, these parks won’t disappoint—below the serene, peaceful surfaces of these parks are megatons of pent- up geothermal fury, just waiting to explode. That’s right, the entire region could be obliterated in a cataclysmic instant—so this vacation destination should be at the top of your list!

A complete guide for an explorer’s next visit to the Yellowstone and Grand Teton area, this book includes detailed tips for traversing the spring, geyser, and travertine terrace-filled parks, the best dining options nearby, and suggestions for places to lodge overnight. Paired with clearly marked maps and beautiful photographs, this guidebook helps travelers make the most of their time at Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

May 2019
6 x 9 | 256pp | Paperback |
100 color photographs, 10 maps
$21.95 (US)
$28.95 (CA)
About the Author
Sherry L. Moore, an educator and writer for over three decades, has coauthored several guides to the western states. She lives on the Gallatin River outside Bozeman, Montana.
Jeff Welsch has written books and articles on topics from sports to Native American issues to history and politics. He is also a senior editor for Montana Quarterly and lives on the Gallatin River outside Bozeman, Montana.