Backroads & Byways of Chesapeake Bay

Drives, Day Trips, and Weekend Excursions
Leslie Atkins
Book cover for Backroads & Byways of Chesapeake Bay by Leslie Atkins
15 unforgettable road trips through Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

Want to hunt shipwrecks for treasure? Explore sites from the War of 1812? How about enjoying great seafood in a waterfront village? Or birding in a bird-watching mecca? Backroads&Byways of Chesapeake Bay devotes itineraries to all of these excursions and many more, all accompanied by color photographs and maps.

All the ideas and information you need for a few days or a few weeks are covered here. Award-winning author Leslie Atkins also recommends comfortable accommodations and delightful restaurants to help ensure that your stay all around the Bay will be memorable.

April 2020
6 x 9 | 240pp | Paperback |
50 color photographs, 15 maps
$22.95 (US)
$29.95 (CA)
About the Author
Travel writer Leslie Atkins is a native of Maryland. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, USA Today, the Baltimore Sun, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Baltimore Magazine, among many other publications.